Why join the Neeboz community?

You are welcome to visit each page on Neeboz and browse the ads and posts to see what is on offer, however, you cannot list or trade on the site or contact other members unless you have registered. Through registration and the feedback tools on the site, we verify who you are and we measure your Neeboz activities with the aim of offering a safe and reliable share and trade community. Registration is FREE, quick and easy and for listing two ads after registration, you instantly receive 50 free Boz Dollars to kick start your first trade. From here you get a six week trial period to access to all of the goods, skills and time of your neighbourhood without spending a cent. All you need to do is list what you have to offer your neighbourhood (check out our inspiration page for listing ideas), participate in a couple of trades and let the Boz Dollars roll into your share and trade account. You can then use these Boz Dollars to access what you need. After the trial period, continue on to full membership for a small annual fee. We know that you will get that back in value within your first couple of trades and the rest is just a bonus! 

Why join? Neeboz offers a powerful local resource pool to reduce waste, build relationships and create healthier communities. Think of the money and time you will save and the new friends you will meet locally. Why wouldn’t you join?