What if the trade doesn't go as planned?

In the main, there will be plenty of happy trades; however, once in a while something may go astray. Here are a couple of ways where things may not go as planned and some options:

1)    If you provide a good or service as a Lister and the Receiver doesn’t confirm the ‘Goods/Services/Tasks were Provided’ (they have two weeks from the agreed trade date to do this or the trade is cancelled), then the Lister will not receive the UCreates owing. The Lister and Receiver will get an email reminder one week after the agreed trade date to complete the trade. In this situation, and as a Lister, you can wait for two weeks from the trade date to pass and then ‘Request an Owing UCreates Investigation’ through the ‘My Activities’ page. The Neeboz Administrator will then follow-up to obtain further information and to inform you of the outcomes. The outcome of the review will be based on Neeboz Administrator discussions with both parties and any evidence of the transaction ie. emails, photos etc.

2)    A Lister doesn’t provide the goods or service as agreed. You can wait two weeks from the trade date and the trade will be cancelled and leave it at that. However, as a Receiver, if you want to follow-up on the lack of delivery you can choose to ‘request an investigation’ (through the internal email directed to support@neeboz.com.au) to prompt the Neeboz Administrator to investigate the Lister.

3)    You are unhappy with the goods or service provided by the Lister. You can either leave negative feedback for the Lister to ensure other Neebozers are aware OR, if the goods or service didn’t match the ad, you can ‘Request an Investigation’ to have the Neeboz Adminstrator follow-up (with the aim of retrieving your UCreates from the Listers account). Use the internal email system and email support@neeboz.com.au to initiate an investigation.