What is a Boz Dollar and why does Neeboz use them?

Neeboz uses Boz Dollars as its currency to increase your chances of finding what you need. Most other swap sites allow you to offer something through the goodness of your heart and, in doing so, you can access what ever it is that you need because you are part of that community. Whilst these sites have great intentions, the problem is that some people offer more than others (without getting any more back) and because there are no incentives for contributing more (other than a nice feeling), the listings available for trade on these sites are often limitied in varying neighbourhoods. Other sites provide sharing and swapping by offering a ‘haves’ and ‘wants’ bartering model. The problem with a ‘haves’ and ‘wants’ model is that you are restricted to a one-to one lending relationship where you need to find someone that wants what you have and that is offering something that you want in return.

At Neeboz, we have built a currency based site because it opens up your trading opportunities from one to one trades to provide a pool of resources that anyone can access as long as they have Boz Dollars. We have gone to extreme lengths to provide a user-friendly site that allows you to transform your idle resources and your spare time into an alternative Boz Dollar income that will allow you to get the things that you want and need without cash. With the Neeboz Boz Dollars model, the more you put in and the better your feedback is, the more you get out of the system through trading and through incentive Boz Dollar bonuses (you get bonuses for trading, positive feedback and friend referrals). Now you know why Neeboz is the Resource Revolution!