What are the timeframes for each step of the trade?


As a member of Neeboz, there are two roles that you will play on the Neeboz site in relation to trading. If you post an ad (ie. you own the ad), you are known as the ‘Lister’ and, if you make an offer on an ad, you are known as the ‘Receiver’. You are walked through each trade step below at your 'My Activities' page, so no need to remember any of it. The table below is just for those that like to know the deets...


Share and Trade Step

Timeframes for the Next Step

What Happens after the Timeframe Cut-Off?

Receiver Makes an Offer

Lister has until the goods/services/ tasks delivery date set by the Reciever to Accept the Offer

The Offer is automatically cancelled

Lister Accepts Offer

The Receiver has two weeks from the goods/services/ tasks delivery date proposed by the Receiver to confirm the trade was completed

The Offer is automatically cancelled

Receiver Confirms the Goods/Services/ Tasks were Provided

If the trade is confirmed, there is a two week timeframe to leave feedback. If not confirmed, the Lister has two weeks from agreed goods/services/ tasks delivery date to request an investigation into any unpaid UCreates.

Following two weeks from the agreed goods/services/ tasks delivery date, the Lister can request an investigation if the Receiver did not confirm the trade completion

Provide Feedback

Two Weeks from trade delivery confirmation.

Both the Lister and Receiver can leave feedback for each-other regarding the trade experience.