What about privacy concerns?

Many people have concerns with posting details of things they have to lend out, because they are worried that someone might then come to their house or shed and steal those things. In terms of the delivery of items, we have included options that include public places to cater to privacy concerns. It is up to you if you want to provide your address as the pickup point, or you can decline an offer, saying that you would rather meet up first and then discuss the potential of sharing. We have gone to a lot of trouble to give you as much information as possible to make trading convenient without revealing any personal member information. You will know whether an item or service is within a certain distance from your house without ever knowing members personal addresses (unless they choose to provide that). The green transport symbols on each ad identify the distance from your residential address. Each symbol means:

A)   Less than 2 km- Walking man symbol

B)   Less than 10 Km- Cycle symbol

C)   More than 10 Km- Car symbol

D)   More than 50 Km - Question mark symbol

Most people share and lend out their items all of the time without hesitation and the majority of your neighbours are reliable and trustworthy people. Neeboz provides the verification and feedback tools to build a reliable and trustworthy community, but it relies on the experience and efforts of its members to continually build that. If you have additional privacy concerns, please refer to our privacy policy for further information or contact us at support@neeboz.com.au.