Is Neeboz available in every community?

Staying local is important to Neeboz in building trustworthy and reliable social networks and local economies unique to each community. In keeping Neeboz a high quality service where members can access others’ resources, time and skills in the community, we will be focusing our energy in certain locations before moving on to the next community. This will allow Neeboz to offer lots of resources, skill sets and creative wisdom in localised areas and allows members to access these resources close to home; opening up a whole new world of opportunities. We will not be offering Neeboz in new locations until there are several members on the registration 'wait list' for that neighbourhood. In becoming a part of the wait list, potential members need to signup through 'other' in the suburb list and once there are numerous members on the list for a locality, Neeboz will notifiy those members that it is launching in their neighbourhood. This wait-list approach ensures the most effective use of each members FREE trial membership timeframe (in guaranteeing a great share and trade experience with other local members available for trade).

If you want to fast-track Neeboz coming to your neighbourhood, we suggest the following:

  1. ŸLeaflet all of the houses within a five minute walk of your house to develop a good resource/skill base for trading (we can mail you the leaflets)
  2. Recruit a friend or neighbour you know to assist your efforts
  3. Organise a meeting or a social event to bring neighbours together and discuss the benefits of Neeboz in your community. Begin with introductions, each can talk about what motivated them to come along and what they would want out of Neeboz. You can also discuss various projects, like fruit and vegetable cooperative purchasing options. You could begin a neighbourhood events working group to assist Neeboz support; the more that people know eachother the more willing they are to trade!
  4. Get involved in our share and trade events and request an event in your neighbourhood
  5. Don’t forget about the bonus UCreates you earn for successful friend referrals to Neeboz…


Let us know about your efforts to get Neeboz up and running in your community so we can write about it in our Neeboz News mag.