Inspiration Page - What can I list to trade?

No you cannot list your husband or wife sorry and no you are not the first person to ask... :)

You can list pretty much anything; remember we aren’t just about professional services (although you can list those if you like) as there are plenty of other sites specializing in that. We are about every day people and their needs - the stuff lying around your house and shed that someone else could be using (whether you trade an item or lend it out) and your time in completing others’ tasks and chores. We are also about people sharing hobbies and interests and encouraging learning and inspirational experiences (we all need more of those experiences in our lives and money shouldn't be a limitation). Still stuck? How about:

ŸBooks, interest magazines

ŸCD's or DVD's

ŸKitchen appliances

ŸCarpentry skills

ŸTeach someone the tricks to an electronic game

ŸBoard games

ŸCamping equipment

ŸA home cooked meal or some muffins

ŸA lift somewhere

ŸYour transport (land or sea)

ŸStorage or gardening/land space

Your hobby (teach someone guitar, painting, beading, mosaicing, sailing)

ŸYour sporting equipment

ŸYour green thumb (I desparately need some help in the vegie patch)

Personal training

ŸCleaning/household tasks

ŸPick up the dog food for your neighbour

ŸElectronic equipment


ŸYour small business skills

ŸYour time to babysit


ŸYour time to pet sit or house sit

ŸBeauty therapy

ŸPool cleaning


and the list is as big as your imagination.... Don't forget to check-out the 'Wanted' section of the Noticeboard to see what people need (and whether you can offer it by listing the appropriate ad) on the Neeboz market.