How is Neeboz different to other bartering or swapping sites?

Neeboz is not strictly a business to business network; rather it is open to all skills, including professional, non-professional and community skills and item sharing in local areas. This open membership allows small business to increase exposure to their local community and it allows members the access to neighbourhood capacities and resources in their entirety.

Neeboz differ to similar programs by:
* offering an internal currency rather than direct swapping (which opens up immense opportunities for trading);
* not condoning the provision of 'credit lines' or debt and encouraging a culture of innovation, entrepreneurialism and resourcefulness;
* we provide a sophisticated technology that is affordable to all (with a one time annual fee and no tricky per transaction cash fees).

Neeboz aims to connect locals through bartering; however, Neeboz's focus is on offering a professional, user friendly and engaging portal that provides all of the tools needed to share and trade in a neighbourhood. The portal easily connect locals through what they already have and raises the profile of local neighbourhood capacities and resources available.