How many Boz Dollars should I put on my ad?

To help you value your ad, one (1) Boz Dollar is worth one (1) Australian dollar. So, for example, if you would charge $30 an hour for cleaning, you would charge 30 Boz Dollars an hour of cleaning. Pay attention to the ‘Unit’ when you are posting your ad as that tells them what they get for the Boz Dollars value you are asking for (ie. is it per hour, per day, per item).

It is up to the Lister to determine the value of their service, item or task completion and the member making the offer in terms of whether they are willing to use that Boz Dollar amount on the item or service. If your listing isn't getting too many offers on the Neeboz market, it may be that you have it valued to high (or that there isn’t a need for what you are offering at the moment). Make sure you check out similar ads and the 'Wanted' section of the Noticeboard to ensure you are offering what the Neeboz market is after at a reasonable value.