How does Neeboz trading work?

First up, to help you to understand it all, lets get some of the lingo out of the way. As a member of Neeboz, there are two roles that you will play on the Neeboz site. If you post an ad (ie. you own the ad), you are known as the ‘Lister’ and, if you make an offer on an ad, you are known as the ‘Receiver’. 

In the Neeboz economy we use ‘UCreate’ credits (UCreates) instead of money and you create (UCreate) your own employment by listing ads. By listing ads (including your belongings for trade or for others to borrow, your skills and task completion) you can earn UCreates that you can then use to purchase what you need from other Neebozers. 

See the transaction steps below for how it all works (and don't forget to check out our 'How it Works' link). All you need to remember is 'Post Ad' to earn UCreates and 'Browse Ads' to make an offer - the rest of the trading steps are listed for you in the 'My Activites' tab where you can easily see where you are up to in a trade and what is left to do (these appear as red links). 

1) Register to get your own secure user account.

2) List ads to earn UCreate credits to trade with (you will receive 50 free UCreates upon registering and listing your first four ads).

3) When your Listed items or services are used, the agreed upon amount of UCreates will be transferred to your Neeboz account for you to spend.

To finalise a transaction and trigger the UCreates transfer to a Listers' account, the Receiver will confirm that the goods or services have been delivered in the 'My Activities' tab. 

4) Make an offer on an ad (something you need) with your available UCreates.

The Lister will need to accept the offer before the transaction will progress. Making an offer on an ad occurs through the ‘Browse Ads’ screen, where a member can either ‘Submit an offer’ or ‘Contact Ad Owner’ (to get more information) as an option to initiate a trade. All proposed trade details can be made through the 'Make an Offer' screen; if the Lister declines the offer they can provide alternate trade details and you have the option to make a new offer with that information. 

A Lister cannot edit or delete an ad when an active offer is on it. A Receiver cannot make another offer on an ad when they already have an active offer on that ad. An active offer includes all steps in the trade process from the beginning (ie. making an offer) to the end (ie. feedback and any dispute/investigation finalization).

No need to remember all of the trade step details as you will be walked through each trade after selecting ‘Make an Offer’ on the appropriate ad. For each step of the trade, you will get an internal email (and external if you select that option in your profile) letting you know where it is up to and what to do next. To make sure you never get lost, we also show all outstanding actions as a red link in the ‘My Activities’ section of the site for you to complete. It’s that simple!