How does Neeboz know people are who they say they are?

We do our best to verify members, and the majority of people are honest. In order to manage the small amount of people that may be involved in fraud, we use a couple of verification mechanisms. All Neeboz members are verified via email. We also offer “credit card or bank account verification” via PayPal, which means the member has successfully completed a membership purchase on NB which proves that they have a working credit card or bank account. This type of verification is demonstrated by a ‘key’ symbol on the relevant members’ profile. Another tool that assists you in your decision making is the ‘Vouch for Me’ reference function. This allows members that know a new Neeboz member to let the Neeboz community know about them (whether they are reliable, trustworthy etc). The feedback rating tool also aims to demonstrate the trustworthiness of a member by displaying the feedback provided by other members through their share and trade experiences with that member.

Whilst verification does not necessarily mean a member is 100% trustworthy, it is an additional tool that helps you to decide for yourself whether or not trade with a particular individual. For example, members who have completed all the verification steps and have good feedback on the site can be considered more trustworthy than those without one or the other. If there are any suspicions regarding false identity, the Neeboz Terms of Use warrant the request of member photo and residential identification at any time. also encourages you to communicate directly with potential trading partners through the tools available on the Site and through personal interaction; use the 'Meet Local Neebozers' map on your My NB page to get to know members before trading. You can then begin your swapping interaction with smaller trades before engaging in larger more valuable exchanges.