How does the feedback work?

A members feedback rating is a quick way to see how reputable they are. Over time, Neeboz members will develop their reputation through the feedback and ratings left by other members based on transactions. Members will receive an email notification referring them to the ‘My Activities’ page to complete the feedback on a transaction (by following the red link). Feedback on offers that have been cancelled, rejected, or disputed is not allowed.

There are a few processes that can be broken up in terms of feedback, including:

1)    ‘Vouch for me’

This function assists members to assess potential trading partners when they are just starting out (before the Neeboz transaction based feedback mechanisms kick in). If you know someone new to Neeboz and you want to vouch for their trustworthiness and reliability, simply fill in the ‘vouch for me’ template, including the character ‘endorsements’, via the ‘Vouch for Me’ link on their profile. By providing a ‘vouch for me’ reference for a member, you are representing that you personally know that member and are willing to confirm their participation in Neeboz as trustworthy and reliable. Please note that this endorsement may reflect (either positively or negatively) on your reputation in the Neeboz community. 

2) Percentage Rating

In receiving positive or negative feedback; the percentage rating is calculated by the percentage of positive ratings left by members over the last 6 months. This is calculated by dividing the number of positive ratings by the total number of transactions. 

3) Feedback Score and Comments

Receivers can leave Listers negative or positive feedback and a short comment/reference regarding the transaction experience. Listers can leave Receivers positive feedback and a short comment or choose not to leave feedback. 

For each positive rating, one (1) point is given to your feedback score (the number in parentheses next to your username) and for every negative rating one point is deducted from your feedback score. A Lister (not a Receiver) is rewarded for their receipt of positive feedback through the provision of ten (10) UCreates for transactions equal to or above thirty (30) Ucreates. 

There are also feedback ‘person symbols’ located near the username on the member profile. As the feedback score increases, the person symbol will change color. A Feedback score of at least 50 earns a Bronze person, 120 a Silver person and 250 a Gold person. The higher the feedback score, the more positive ratings a member has received.