How do I keep track of my transactions on Neeboz?

Neeboz has been setup to be as user friendly as possible. The 'My NB' page shows everything you need, including your Boz Dollar balance (and a statement of transactions). Your transactions will be captured through the statements on you’re 'My NB' page. We encourage you to regularly backup and print these Boz Dollar statements for your records and for tax purposes. 

You’re ‘My Activities’ page will help you manage your transactions, showing all of your transactions as a Lister or a Receiver, their status and any outstanding actions for completion (you can see only outstanding actions by ticking the appropriate box and these will appear as red links for your follow-up).  You will also receive all transaction updates and instructions about the next trade step via internal email and you can also request to be notified at an external email account (through your profile selections).