How do I edit or delete my Ad or Note?

Editing an Ad:

You can modify or delete your ad by going to "My Ads and Posts" and clicking edit on the appropriate ad. You can only edit an ad if there are no active offers on it. The reason for this is because it would be unfair for the Receiver if the item information changes when an offer has been made/accepted.This applies to both item information and images in the ad. You can also expire an ad, if there are no active offers on it, so that it is no longer available for trade. By expiring an ad it is not deleted from the Neeboz system; so, if in the future you wish to make that ad available for trade again, you can by making it 'active' and changing the expiry dates. 

Editing a Note:

If you own a note on the noticeboard you can edit or delete it at any time and if you are contributing to a post, you can only edit or delete your own content. Please note, Neeboz retains all content (including deleted content) for site monitoring purposes.