How do I earn Boz Dollars?

You earn Boz Dollars by offering your things (to trade or to borrow), services/skills or the completion of tasks and chores for other Neebozers. Check out our Inspirations for ad ideas. You put the ad listings up on Neeboz (you need to post four ad listings to obtain your free 50 Boz Dollars during the registration process) and wait for other Neebozers to make an offer. Keep an eye on the ‘wanted’ section of the Neeboz Noticeboard to see what the community needs and whether you can offer that to earn extra Boz Dollars. 

Other ways you can earn Boz Dollars is through ‘friend referrals’ (15 Boz Dollars for each successful registration from friend referrals) and, as an ad Lister, for receiving positive feedback for a transaction equal to or above 30 Boz Dollars (10 Boz Dollars for each transaction). You cannot buy or sell Boz Dollars for cash and we encourage members to use Boz Dollars as an exchange rather than a storage value. At the end of each financial year we reduce any UCreate balances above 500 Boz Dollars by 15%; so make sure you use your Boz Dollars rather than save them.