Can I quote prices in cash?

No, but if its a skill or task completion offer, you may include a cash component. Many traders quote Boz Dollars for the labour and cash for parts or materials when offering a skill or task trade. Neeboz tracks and manages all Boz Dollar transactions; however, all cash transactions need to be self organized and self managed. Cash is not acceptable in the trade of an item. There are plenty of other classified websites that can better assist if cash is the aim.

The aim of Neeboz is to add an additional value to the cash economy through your diverse skills and resources - remember, if you need to spend cash as a part of your Neeboz listing or offer, you get value back by having more Boz Dollars to spend on things that you would normally have to pay cash for. The more you get involved in Neeboz, the more comfortable you will feel about being paid in Boz Dollars even when you have spent cash to allow a trade.