Can I have negative feedback withdrawn?

If negative feedback is left; there is a two week timeframe, from the date the negative feedback was provided, for the Lister to request the Receiver to retract their feedback (providing reasoning why the Lister is seeking this retraction). If the retraction is not accepted, and the lister wants to continue in seeking to have the negative feedback withdrawn, an investigation can be requested for the Neeboz administrator to follow-up (there is another two week timeframe for this also). This second option is provided as feedback ratings are an important currency on Neeboz and we want to prevent personal gripes/misunderstandings negatively impacting a members usage of the system (as would occur if their reputation percentage was reduced). Investigations will then be managed personally by the Neeboz administrator in communication with both the Lister and Receiver through the internal email system. If the feedback is retracted, that particular trade does not count towards your feedback scoring either positively or negatively.