About Us

How many people do you know with great ideas, dreams and desires that do not act upon them due to a lack of money? It seems a little insane and unhealthy for individuals and society when we stay in deadening jobs out of economic necessity. I have personally experienced this and seen it in others time and time again. I am not against money; but I think the current monopolies and control over money do not contribute to the greater good. What type of world would we live in if people rejected the 'conventional career' and were able to focus on what they really love doing and finding the right mix to make a living from it?


The mission for Neeboz is to help people transition to living their passion and to make a life around that. When money is absent, all of the resources and capacities of the people remain; however, what disappears is our ability to coordinate and focus our efforts. It is with this problem in mind that the Neeboz model, as a cashless collaborative local marketplace, has been developed. Neeboz aims to overcome the 'cash scarcity paralysis' that prevents people from living the life they want. We all thrive through the collective activity of people successfully providing their individual passion and talents and by genuinely connecting with the people around us. Neeboz celebrates and incentivises this lifestyle by creating a unique collaborative marketplace that exists in between the cash economy and the gift economy.